Kalaw & Inle Lake

mountain scenery kalaw myanmar

Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake (3days/2nights)

How to get there:

You can take a bus which is fairly cheap and convenient. Check  for connections and prices.

I made very good experiences traveling by bus as most of them have sleeping seats and entertainment systems on board.


Be aware that Kalaw is around 1.300m (4.297ft) above sea level and therefore it can get very chilly at night. So bring something to warm you up.


We walked with Maung Lan, a former Buddhist monk who taught us a lot about the history of Myanmar and the life of Burmese people. He’s is a great guide and cook!!! Get in contact with him for a trekking tour and support the locals.

What to bring:

  • Jacket or pullover
  • Shorts and long pants
  • 3 T-shirts / underwear to change (2x)
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat to cover your head
  • 1 or 2 bottles of water – you can  fill up on the way
  • Flashlight
  • Some crackers
  • Some balloons for the kids you will meet on the way

You will walk through open land, little villages and lush hills. You will pass Burmese farmers who are harvesting grains, dry chillies or take care of their cattle. You will sleep under a bright sky of stars watching you. You will find very friendly people, good company to chat with and you will learn how little you need to be happy! This trip will change your mind.

There is this village of the dragon women. You might get invited by this beautiful lady for some tee and some snacks to eat while she is sitting there and watching you, maybe smoking a cigar and enjoying the company of people from the other side of the world.

If you are friendly and interested enough, she might tell you the secret of the dragon women of Myanmar.

You will feel like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones exploring hidden temples and prayer sites. If you are lucky, you get invited at a wedding in one of the villages you are walking through.

The goal is to reach Inle Lake where the famous fisher use a unique technique to catch fish. Those fishers are very famous and fun to watch while you will pass by with a boat to reach the city. The boat ride is smooth and you will love it, simply because you do not have to walk anymore.

No matter how poor the people were, nor if they barely had a roof over their head, the invited us for tea. Showed us their life, wanted to know about our life. Laughed, listened, lived. Even the kids who were playing football right beside a waste disposal site were happy. They just had no other choice. Sometimes we have to many choices which make us unhappy! If you remember that, go back to the simple life and be happy.

If you need a place to stay in Kalaw or Inle Lake, have a look at booking.com. That’s the website where I find the best deals.

In Kalaw I stayed at the Railroad Hotel. Breakfast was included and the owner was very friendly. You will also meet a lot of other travelers.

In Inle Lake I booked a room at the Golden Dream Hotel which was fabulous. After the long hike a good bed with a proper mattress and a bathtub was exactly what I needed!