Mandalay Myanmar Travel Tips

pagodas in Mandalay, Myanmar

What to do in Mandalay, Myanmar?

On the first look, Mandalay does not seem to have the most beautiful sights. But it is definitely worth to visit as it has some really stunning places to explore.
I really enjoyed the breathtaking view from our Hotel “Victory Point” with its romantic rooftop bar.

Go on a boat trip to Mingun

ox-cart wagon taxi in Mingun, Myanmar

You can spend the day to explore temples, the weirdest elephants I have seen and enjoy the view from the top of the most adventurous temple I have climbed.
I recommend that you see the impressive ancient pagodas and temples of former kings and rulers.

You may also want to visit the stunning but incomplete Pa Tho Taw Gyi stupa (Mingun Pahtodawgyi)

If you have the energy, then go ahead and climb to the top to enjoy the breathtaking view on the Irrawaddy river.
Greet the fossilized elephants from me 😉

1873 photo of Mingun Bell in Mandalay Burma
They say that if you touch the Mingun bell (the second largest bell in the world) it will bring you good luck and happiness for the rest of your life.

Maybe try some real local food?

pagoda in mandalay, myanmar

Get blinded by the Sat Taw Yar Pagoda

Kuthodaw pagoda Mandalay, Myanmar

Book your accommodation in Mandalay to explore the Irrawaddy river, Mingung and the famous Pahtodawgyi stupa.

I stayed at the Victory Point Hotel which was very comfy and close to the city centre. I really liked the view from the rooftop bar especially at night when the city is light up.