Woman dancing at Ramayana festival, Thailand

What to do in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the backpackers dream as it is cheap, easy to travel and rich in food and culture. You can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches, go snorkel or diving to see the incredible reefs and their inhabitants, enjoy Thai-food, go dancing on the beach or just watch the sunset with an ice cold beer. Not to forget the happy and always smiling Thai people make your stay in Thailand unforgettable.

Unfortunately I got sick during my time in Thailand. Therefore I can provide you only with a few snapshots of Thailand, but an update will come soon.

How to get to Thailand

3 boats in Phuket harbour, Thailand

Fly to Bangkok in the north or fly to Phuket in the south of Thailand. Either way works fine. Popular routes leave Bangkok to Kho Tao, Kho Pha-ngan off to Krabi, Railay and the islands around Phi Phi Islands. There are many more islands to discover. Everyone has its own special vibe. The connections between the island are mostly very good. Traveling in Thailand works with buses, boats and sometimes you fly. So what are you waiting for? Book a flight and an accommodation to see yourself on the beach surrounded by interesting people.

Koh Tao – Go diving

Ko Tao is not only famous because of its beautiful beaches and stunning lookouts, it has also one of the best diving spots in the world. I got my open water diving license in Ko Tao. This was amazing. The following video was made by the diving school – Crystal Dive. I can definitely recommend them from a teacher, equipment and safety point of view!

Kho Pha-ngan

Khao Kho, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun, Thailand

Klo Pha-ngan is where the Full Moon Party is. It is definitely a party to check out. Besides that, the island has some really beautiful places to explore. Here you get some insights of what it can offer.

The Amaresa Resort & Sky Bar

…gives you the peace and quietness after the party to relax. I enjoyed staying there, laying in the hammock and relax.
This will be the view when you are having breakfast at Amaresa Resort

If you want the real Thailand experience …check out the little shacks at Leela Beach.

Kho Lanta

Large white Buddha statue in Kho Lanta, Thailand

Kho Lanta is located in Thailand’s south (south of Krabi). You can get there by bus. I booked a trip from Kho Pha-ngan to Kho Lanta by bus. You will stop in Krabi to switch buses. You can arrange bus trips very easy and almost every combination is possible. This makes traveling in Thailand very convenient.

Kho Lanta is not as busy as other islands. You can still find some empty beaches off the beaten path. Keep exploring.
I found my favorite hammock. Located on the top of a hill overlooking the ocean where you can enjoy the sunset.
If you drive further south you will find more and more paradise beaches for yourself. In Kho Lanta they offer elephant rides.

2 boys at elephant ride in Thailand

I am not a fan of keeping animals off their natural environment and force them to perform on command. Be aware of what you support if you travel to such destinations. Every penny you spend will have an effect of what business they are doing.

Lanta River Sand Resort

I stayed in one of those little huts. It is relaxed, quiet and very basic. But this is what I wanted to experience. The restaurant sits right at the beach where you will see a beautiful sunset. Check it out.

How can you better end a day in Thailand than with a picturesque sunset?

Sunset on beach with boat in Thailand

If you need a place to stay in Ko Pha-ngan or Ko Lanta, you can use these deal finders to save money.

In Kho-Pha-ngan I stayed at the Amaresa Resort. The view from the restaurant was amazing! Very laid back.

For Ko Lanta I stayed at Lanta River Sand Hotel, the La Laanta Hideaway Resort (Bamboo bay) and at the Leaf House.