This is how I travel on a low budget

I will show you my travel hacks to find the best deals and to travel twice as long for the same budget.

The main cost drivers of traveling are:

1. Transport

2. Accommodation

3. Food

Therefore it is necessary to minimize these cost. I use the following search engines to pay less for transport and accommodation.

How to find the cheapest flights & hotels

My favorite search engine for flights & hotels is skyscanner due to its search capabilities (e.g. multi city, multi stop flight search). Click on the logo below to start your search.

How to find the cheapest places to stay

For accommodation I mainly use the following three search engines. Those two give you the flexibility to filter by price, category and even search by map to get the best location. I found some nice bargains on those websites.


Get a personal discount of 35€ at airbnb on your first booking (must be 65€ in total). Click on the logo to get redirected to and to receive your discount.

Packing list

The ultimate packing list for your trip

You do not know what to bring when you travel? Maybe it´s your first time you travel with a backpack? I will show you what you really need.

Traveling with hand luggage only

If you want to travel with hand luggage only, you can safe money and time as you do not have to drop off luggage and wait for it to collect it after the flight. I show you what to pack.

Getting started – what to consider before traveling

If you never traveled before you might have some questions what you really need to take care of. I will show you what you should consider before you travel!

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Cheap flights to South East Asia

  1. Use the search engines i mentioned above
  2. Check flights directly to your destination and check flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Sometimes you get good deals to these major airport hubs and from there a connecting flight with budget airlines (Air Asia, Tiger Air, Lion Air)