Yangon Myanmar Travel Tips

gold pagoda in Yangon Myranmar

Yangon, Myanmar – the hidden gem in southeast Asia

Yangon is an very interesting city which offers a lot of places to explore. We strolled through the city and soaked up the vibe. It is very different to other Asian cities. The town itself does not seem touristic at all. You still see a lot of locals in cafés, bars and restaurants. I have seen only a few other tourists which was very exciting. You see the Burmese people living there normal life. You eat in restaurants where only locals eat. You will see Burmese making business with Burmese and not tourists as this is normal for them. As I have travelled quite some places and cities, this was a whole new experience for me. You feel like you found a place, where you are one of the early explorers. Do not wait to long. This will definitely get the attention to more and more travelers each year. The country and the city will build up their tourism industry and it will be very different to what it is now – a hidden gem in southeast Asia!

bowl of Asian soup

As picture speaks more than a thousand words – let the pictures tell the story. Enjoy!

Myanmar has a literacy rate above 95% which is very high compared to other states in southeast Asia. You will see a lot of book shops. Myanmar was a former colony of Great Britain. Several old buildings from that time are still well preserved.

Do you need a haircut? The contrast of old and new buildings, as well as huge advertising screens right beside old colonial buildings was unbelievable.

I was bewildered by the amount of Burmese with smartphones I have seen as I thought they are way behind technology wise compared to the rest of southeast Asia. The country is changing fast.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Make sure you visit the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. You will find a lot of Buddhist pilgrims and monks visit the pagoda. It is very impressive to see this golden architectural highlight.

Some more impressions from Yangon

Book your accommodation in Yangon  to explore the city and the famous  Shwedagon Pagoda.

I stayed at the Backpacker (Bed & Breakfast) which was very cheap and close to the city centre. I could walk the city. The staff was very friendly and full with backpackers who came from the north of Myanmar and others who were just about to start as I was. So this place gives you also the opportunity to meet your travel companion for the next adventure. I can highly recommend staying there!